About us – XOOM SERVE
  • 1989 Only a beginning

    The Idea started between the two brothers Joe & Tariq in Dubai as they born and spent them life over there.
  • 1995 Mind grown

    The Brothers, established them first Freelance doing IT services for home clients user.
  • 1998 Our first baby

    The first new born of real business also inside Dubai, but it was unlucky business as XOOM name was taken by one of the largest finance service and we could not use the commercial name. This is the reason we started under other chosen name as our first step. In the same time we started our real customer services and started to act as commercial and professional team work.
  • 2002 Egypt the legend

    Our first trade license inside Egypt with real actual clients, We started to offer more complex IT solutions services focusing on network lines such as Network managements, VOIP services & Web Hosting. It was the beginning of the real hope. We decided to add a extension to XOOM as it was our first real baby and this name extension was SERVE, because XOOM was born only to SERVE all our customers.
  • 2005 Business graduation

    Our first 500 clients achievement and it was too hard to reach this number as we were only a small company who hired just seven employees. We started to put our business plan for the next 5 years with a new target of 5000 satisfied clients and 25 employees serving them. In the same time we planed extending our services to be more then just a network solutions and we act as hardware provider as well as commercial photography and software developers including all development type such as web, mobiles applications and OS software all together.
  • 2008 The Mother Returned

    WE DID IT. Just two years before our planned vision time-frame ended. We reached 7500 clients all of them inside Egypt. From here we decided to change our plan again converting to an enterprise level while keep serving our original regular customers. We're-planned our business strategy to re-act as enterprise commercial professionals inside the world industry of the IT using all the possible fields we used to study in our past. During this time God just send his hand to us by offer the chance opening new business in USA. This business was just like our mother returned back to us. Its XOOM PRODUCTIONS
  • 2010 The God Gift

    We call it the God Gift, and it was the key to our real success gaining back all the efforts we spent during our long hard past. Its only because the power of collaboration between the child (XOOM SERVE) inside Egypt and his mother (XOOM PRODUCTIONS) inside USA. We were celebrating our new achievement by reaching 11000 clients but this time not all of them inside Egypt. We kept the Egyptian market clients with us as our first God Gift we ever got, as without Egypt, we could never passed to the real world business gateway.
  • 2012 Life accidents

    During the political situation inside Egypt (Public Revolution), we could not stay in Egypt while keeping our promises to our clients while serving them as the public revolution caused a big finance damages to XOOM SERVE. We decided transferring our business to Dubai again. Just keeping our Egyptian clients as well as the rest of the world satisfied while we serving them business.
  • 2017 Back to the legend

    Today, we are back to Egypt, our home land. Egypt was the only reason to us to be inside the world market. But today is more different than yesterday, Today we returned back with much more hope, power, solutions, business lines, brands & technologies. We came back with 22000 active satisfied clients all over the world and 33% of them inside Egypt. Our mother (XOOM PRODUCTIONS) kept us safe by providing us with the faith of success.

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